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Signs and Symptoms of Tooth abscess

The tooth abscess is the tooth infection caused by bacteria. But, it may spread from the infected tooth to the various surrounding organs of the tooth such as jaw bone, gums, and other organs surrounding the tooth. Thus, some of the common signs and symptoms of tooth abscess are discussed in this article.

Signs and Symptoms of Tooth abscess

The common tooth abscess signs and symptoms are listed below in this article:

  • Toothache or pain:

    This is the common symptom of the tooth abscission. The toothache or pain may become serious and continuous.

  • Fever:

    Due to severe pain, one may develop fever.

  • Sensitivity:

    Due to the infection of the pulp cavity of the tooth by bacteria, the tooth becomes sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks.

  • Pain when chewing:

    One may experience pain while chewing food.

  • Bitter taste in the mouth:

    As the bacteria are responsible for the tooth abscission, it releases toxins within the mouth which causes bitterness in the mouth.

  • Foul smell:

    Due to the bad oral hygiene, bacteria grow in the mouth and results in foul smell of the breath.

  • General uneasiness, discomfort or illness:

    Due to the infection and pain, one may experience uneasiness, discomfort or ill feeling.

  • Redness and /or swelling of the gums:

    The infection may spread from tooth to the gums. Thus, it causes redness and/or swelling of the gums.

  • Swollen neck glands:

    The infection may become serious with time and may spread to neck glands and cause swollen glands.

  • Tenderness:

    One can experience tenderness of the jaw and tooth. It may also lead to severe pain.

  • Swelling of lower or upper jaw:

    One can also develop swelling in the lower or upper jaw where the infected tooth is nearby.

These are the common signs and symptoms of the tooth abscission.

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