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What are the Side Effects of Root Canal Treatment?

Side Effects of Root Canal TreatmentEvery treatment may or may not show effects after the treatment. However, these effects may occur either due to the improper treatment by the dentist or due to the improper care after the treatment by the patient. There are some common side effects of root canal treatment which might develop are discussed in this article.

Side effects of root canal treatment :
Some patients may feel discomfort or pain after the root canal treatment. Some of the common side effects one may develop are listed below:

    • Discoloration:

      As the nerve is removed in the root canal treatment, it causes tooth discoloration. But, it can be amenable to bleaching or either being covered by the crown. It helps to achieve a good cosmetic result similar to the patients natural teeth.

    • Affects growing teeth:

      Especially in teenagers and children, root canal treatment can affect the growing teeth. Thus, the dentist should make sure that the nerve and pulp cavity are intact. But, it is better to avoid the treatment for root canal in children and teenagers.

    • Fractures of the tooth after the treatment:

      The tooth which is treated with root canal treatment are at high risk of fractures. Because the tooth is replaced back without the nerves and blood vessels. Thus, when a person chews hard with that tooth, it results to the tooth fracture. They require a crown with a metal is fitted in the jaw for this reason.

    • Infection with bacteria:

      Due to the frequent fracture of the tooth, infection might occur. Thus, the tooth need to be extracted or the treatment need to be redone.

    • Pain:

      This can be one of the other side effect which occurs after root canal treatment. If one experiences pain for a long period then consult your dentist, he/she needs to find the cause and give proper and immediate treatment.

    • Fine instruments:

      Sometimes, a fine instrument or a piece of it may be left within in the tooth, because of accidental breakage. This may further create problem inside the tooth by causing pain and discomfort.

    • Discomfort:

      Sometimes, the patient may feel sensation or discomfort, but if it persists for a long time, then one he/she need to consult a dentist. It may be due to other problem, so the dentist may need to repair the tooth.

These are some of the side effects of root canal treatment. One need to have proper care of the tooth after the treatment. If he/she develops any of the discomfort or pain then immediate consult your dentist.

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  1. My 17 year old had problems with her top front tooth. On 20-09-2011, the nerve was removed(she was given 6 injections). We were given another date to come in and finish the procedure. She woke up on 21-09 and her top lip was swollen.She went back to the dentist and they removed the temp filling so that there was adequate drainage. She got 6 injections again. On 22-09, she woke up and her top lip was still swollen and the right side of her face was now swollen as well. Her lip was very hard. We went back to the doc and a small incision was made into the lip to help with the drainage (07h45). She got more injections again. It is now 20h48 and her lip is still swollen, the right side of her face is still swollen and the left side of her face is now slightly swollen as well. Can this be because of all the injections? Please let me know. I am very worried about my child.


    • It may be due to injections but, in this treatment, they usually don’t give 6 injections may be 1 or 2 and it will be for anesthesia.
      Swelling may be due to an allergy to anesthesia
      It may also be because of hematoma formation, but it rarely occurs in the anterior region
      Swelling can be due to infection because of abscess or other infection in the tooth
      They may give 6 or more irrigations with saline or sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide or ETC with in the root canal.
      Hard lip doesn’t occur usually in 2 days, it may be after 3-4 days.

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