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What Cause Root Canal?

Causes of Root CanalThe causes of root canal are many, but may differ from one person to other. The main cause is the damage of the pulp cavity inside the tooth. It contains nerves and blood vessels, damage to them leads to the tooth sensitivity and pain. Thus, let us see some of the causes of root canal.

Causes of root canal difficulty

Some of the causes of these condition are listed below:

  • Bad dental hygiene:

    This is one of the major cause of all dental problems, including root canal. Bad dental hygiene causes the exposure of teeth to various germs which might lead to root canal. Thus, make sure to maintain a clean dental hygiene.

  • Decay or damage of the tooth enamel:

    This is another cause of root canal. Once the decay of the tooth enamel occurs, it is easy for the bacteria to damage the other part of the tooth. Thus, the damage progresses from the enamel to dentin, from dentin to tooth pulp cavity. It results in root canal formation and one’s tooth becomes very sensitive to hot and cold drinks and foods.. This usually occurs within a very long period.

  • Old metal filling:

    It also causes root canal. These old metal filling usually shrinks over time. It also causes decay underneath it which cannot be detected until one experiences pain or sensitivity.

  • Tooth fracture:

    It is the second most common reason of root canal. It can be caused either due to the grinding or clenching the teeth, chewing ice or eating hard foods. Thus, the tooth develop hairline kind of craze lines or fractures. This leads the entry of bacteria into the tooth, that is in the pulp chamber which inflame the nerves and causes infection to the tooth. This leads to unbearable pain for the patient.

  • Trauma:

    It is the third common cause of root canal. Children who get injured in the mouth by various accidents develop infected tooth when grown as an adult. Some injuries include car accidents, sports or work related injuries, or falls, which cause damage to teeth.

These are some of the major cause of root canal. Most people ignore the pain on side and use the other jaw while eating food, it not a treatment. They continue to do it until they experience unbearable pain. But, it is better to consult a doctor at the early stage of infection.

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