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What are the Root Canal Treatment Myths You Must Know

Most of people consider root canal treatment as the most scariest dental treatment. But, they are actually not so, this is because of their fear and based on someones experiences. Thus, some of the myths of root canal treatment are discussed below:

  • Myth 1: Root canal treatment is very painful

    The root canal treatment is recommended by the dentists for a patient who is suffering with unbearable pain in the tooth. The common reasons for root canal treatment are broken teeth, an infected pulp or a damaging nerve. Once the treatment is completed, the patients feel better as it helps to lower the pain.

  • Myth 2: Patients needs several visits to the dental clinic for a complete treatment:

    The number of visits for a patient is decided by the dentist based on various factors. These include the infection rate, root canal difficulty, and the patients oral health. This also decides whether an exodontist (a specialist) is necessary for the treatment. Thus, root canal treatment may require one, two or many visits.

  • Myth 3: Root canal treatment – Illnesses

    Root canal diseases is caused due to bacteria which is present in the mouth. It also cause various illness such as arthritis, kidney disease or heart disease. But, research has found this to be a complete myth. Because the bacteria and various germs are found in various parts of the body.

  • Myth 4: Root canal treatment is needed only for painful teeth

    The teeth which are infected, but even if they are not painful, require a dental treatment to avoid further damage of the tooth and gums. Thus, when a person visit to the dental clinic for a regular checkup, the dentist examines his/her teeth thoroughly. They also use some dental test like percussion testing, temperature testing to check the suitable dental treatment.

  • Myth 5: Root canal treatment only gives temporary

    It is one of the common misconception. Some people experience the tooth breaking after a few months of root canal treatment. The reason is restoration. when the nerve has been removed, the blood supply to the tooth is eliminated. This eventually causes the tooth to become brittle and the forces used while eating, chewing, grinding can cause it to break. Thus, this is due to the restoration treatment and not because of root canal treatment.

These are few root canal treatment myths which one must know.

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