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Dental Implants -Types

Dental implants are very helpful for those individuals who have lost their teeth due to various reasons such as a disease or an injury. They help to have esthetically functional and appealing teeth. There are different types of dental implants, for a comfortable placement you can choose any of the dental implant types.

Types of Dental Implants:

There are various different types of dental implants, which are designed considering the specific needs of an individual. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Root-Form Titanium Implant:

    It is the most commonly used implant of all the different types of the dental implants. It is also know as endosteal or endosseous implant, as the name suggest that these type of tooth implants are directly placed in the jaw bone. This tooth implant is made up of titanium, a metal which is corrosion-resistant and reliably strong.

  • Sub-Periosteal Implant:

    It is commonly used for those patients who have bone defect in the jaw. Thus, these individuals lack a support for the root-form implant. Sub-periosteal implants are not placed in the jaw but over the jaw.

  • Plate-Form Implant:

    This type of dental implant is made up of a metal which is rectangular in shape and has one or two of metal prongs on its one side. It is vertically placed in the jaw and thus provides a space to place the artificial tooth.

  • Ramus-Frame Implant:

    It is commonly used for those patients who have thin lower jaw bone. It is placed within the jaw near the chin and at the back jaw. Partial or full dentures are made to fit over the thin metal bars which are placed just above the gums.

  • Transosseous Implant:

    It is used only to place on the lower jaw. The transosseous implants are bolted only onto the jaw bone and are extended along the bottom half of the mouth completely. But, this type of implant is rarely used.

These are some of the types of dental implants which you can opt for yourself with the help of your dentist or periodontist, as she/ he can be able to suggest you the best option depending on your specific needs.

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