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Advantages of Dental Implants

Ever individual may loose a tooth or teeth at one or other point of life. Thus, you may need to replenish the lost teeth or the affected tooth with some other artificial teeth available. But you may not go with any treatment without its advantages. Thus, the advantages of dental implants over a bridge or a dentures are listed below in this article.

Dental Implant:

It is an artificial replacement or substitute for the natural tooth and its root portion. It is anchored into the pre-drilled socket within the jaw bone to hold or support a bridge, crown or secure that denture firmly in its place.

Advantages of the dental implants over a bridge or dentures:

In every way you see, dental implants are the better options to solve the problem of missing teeth. Some of the dental implants advantages are mentioned below.

  • Esthetic:

    These dental implants look, feel and seem to be like natural teeth. No one can differentiate your natural teeth and dental implants. Since they integrate into the jaw bone, they help to prevent the gum recession and bone loss, which may often accompany with dentures and bridgework.

  • Tooth-saving:

    Dental implants do not alter the neighboring teeth for the support of the implant as like a bridge. Thus, as they don’t touch your natural teeth, the quality/strength of the adjacent teeth is maintained. It also shows a significant long-term oral health benefit.

  • Confidence:

    Dental implants helps you to speak and eat comfortable and thus builds your confidence. They offer freedom and secure you from the wobbles and irksome clicks of dentures. They help you to replenish the lost teeth with implants and provide the same comfort as the natural teeth.

  • Dental implants hygiene:

    Dental implants require the similar hygiene like the natural teeth, such as regular flossing after every meal, brushing at least twice a day and dental checkups. But, dentures and bridges require extra attention and special cleaning procedures.

  • Reliable:

    Dental implants success rate is highly predictable. Most dentist consider dental implants for tooth replacement as an excellent option.

These are the advantages of dental implants which makes them as an excellent option for the tooth replacement.

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