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Running Nose in Teething Babies – Causes and Remedies

In this article there is a brief view of running nose in teething babies and its causes and remedies. Running nose can be a symptom of teething in some babies but, it may not be for all. It can also be be due to various bacterial infections and also due to some other causes.

Causes of running nose.

Some of the causes of running nose in babies are as follows.

  • A baby may develop running nose due to viral infection.
  • It may also be due to bacterial infections.
  • Some babies may also develop running nose due to allergic reactions to milk, and certain foods.
  • Some may also develop allergic reaction reactions due to dust, pollens in air, animal fur, and air pollution.
  • In most babies, cold air is common culprit to cause running nose and fever.

These are common causes for running nose in babies so it is better to consult a doctor for quick and safe relief for your baby.

Remedies for running nose

Running nose is more common in babies under two years and parents get worried fro them. Experts say that a baby under two years of age may experience running nose for at least 8 times in the year because of the causes listed above.

To treat this, it is best to use home remedies which will effectively cure the running nose in almost all babies. The home remedies for running nose in babies are mentioned below.

  • Saline water.

    Spray saline water or place 2 drops of it directly in your baby’s nostril. Allow the solution to be in the baby’s nose at least for 2 or 3 minutes. The saline water helps to flush out all the toxins which causes irritation and running nose in your baby.

  • Rubber ear bulb.

    Place the rubber ear bulb in one of the baby’s nostril and then gently suck out the mucus. Empty the ear bulb with the help of a disposable tissue, clean it properly. Then repeat the process in the other nostril. Make sure that you use only sterilized ear bulbs for babies.

  • Fluids.

    Give lots of fluids to your baby as it helps to replenish those lost fluids due to crying and dripping. It helps naturally to plush out the excess mucus.

  • Clean your baby’s environment regularly.

    Regular cleaning helps to avoid all the allergens from their environment. Make sure you use dust free and clean clothing for your baby.

Thus, these are the following things which helps your baby to get quick relief from running nose. But, it is better to consult a doctor while your baby has running nose as they will be helpful to give the appropriate medication.

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