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Natural Home Remedies for Canker Sores

Natural home remedies are effective, easy and safe to use. Because of this reason, most of them use home remedies to treat various disease condition. They are reasonable and easily available in every kitchen. Some of the natural home remedies for canker sores are discussed in this article.

Natural home remedies for canker sores

The most commonly used natural remedies to treat canker sores are listed below:

    • Baking soda:

      Prepare a paste of baking soda by adding water and apply on the canker sores.

    • Honey:

      Add ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder in 1 teaspoon of honey and mix well. Dab the mixture on the canker sore, it also helps to heal the canker, but it stings a bit.

    • Cranberry juice:

      Drink cranberry juice between the meals. It helps to relieve the pain and also acts as a canker healer.

    • Tea bag:

      Moisten the tea bag and place it directly on the canker. It contains tannic acid which helps to dry the canker.

    • Ice:

      Place a small ice cube or rinse the mouth with the cold water. It may not help to disappear the canker, but help to numb the pain and make one feel better.

    • Aloe vera juice:

      One can use the aloe vera juice to frequently rinse the mouth. It contains curative powers which help to cure the canker.

    • Diet:

      The diet for people having canker sores should include rice mixed with yogurt along with green leafy vegetables. It ensures that the canker doesn’t get aggravated and heals faster. It is one of the most effective diet for people with canker sores.

    • Grapefruit juice:

      Place 5 to 6 drops of grapefruit juice in a cup of water. Use this water to rinse or as a mouthwash solution. It acts as an excellent disinfectant to treat canker sores.

These are some of the natural home remedies for canker sores which one can use to treat the condition.

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