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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

What is Cosmetic Dentistry? – Cosmetic dentistry helps to improve the chipped, gaped, crooked or discolored teeth. Patients with these types of conditions need to consult a professional dentist for the treatment. They will be able to guide the treatment process – before, during and after the treatment. Cosmetic dentistry treatment varies from one patient to another.

Some of the treatments in cosmetic dentistry which help to treat the damaged teeth are listed below:

    • Tooth-colored fillings:

      The tooth-colored fillings can replace silver fillings. They are effective while the fillings are visible either when you open your mouth while eating food or while you smile. The person needs to have the potential structural capability of the infected teeth that will be replaced with the placement of fillings.

    • Bleaching:

      Special formulated bleaches are recommended by the dentist which help to lighten the dark teeth. Dentists prescribe plastic trays which mold to the patient’s teeth shape. Patients need to add the prescribed bleaching solution in the plastic trays and bite in them to clean the teeth. They are usually recommended to do it every night for two or three weeks. But, this treatment doesn’t work on fillings.

    • Micro-abrasion:

      Dentists use an abrasive such as acid-based paste to grind away the decolorized enamel. In severe cases, tooth enamel is removed completely and sealed with tooth color filling. Thus, this treatment needs to be done only by a qualified and experienced dental professional.

    • Bonding:

      It is used to treat the chipped, discolored, oddly or gaped shaped teeth. Dentists use resin (plastic) fillings which match with the patient’s teeth. But, the resin must be replaced at intervals.

    • Veneers:

      Porcelain veneers can be used to replace the affected teeth, instead of resin fillings. Its thickness is just about half a millimeter and is glued on the teeth at the front portion. Dentists remove the equivalent portion of tooth enamel before, so that after the placement of the veneers the tooth thickness remains the same. These last longer than plastic or resin fillings, but they can be chipped or damaged by biting the teeth or finger nails.

    • Crowns:

      These are caps which are permanently bonded to affected or damaged teeth. These are covered as a thin membrane of tooth-colored porcelain on the damaged tooth to cover up the repair and to match the look of the existing teeth.

    • Dental implants:

      These can used to replace the missing tooth instead of a partial denture. The dental implants are placed by using small screws made of titanium which are fixed inside the jaw and a tooth is fitted on the screw. But, the screws become fixed in the jaw bone with time. These have high success rate in the lower jaw of the front teeth and have 90-95 percent success rate.

These are some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments which are used by dentists to treat the damaged teeth in patients.

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