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What are the Beneficial Foods for Dental Health?

The foods which are useful in providing dental health are also helpful in preventing tooth decay and avoiding the disease condition are called beneficial foods for dental health. They contain fluoride, calcium and phosphate. Fluoride protects the teeth from dental cavities and also provides resistance during re-mineralization. Calcium and phosphate also help in re-mineralization

Beneficial Foods for Dental Health

Some of the foods which are essential and beneficial for dental health are listed below:

    • Vegetables:

      Foods such as carrots, pumpkins, broccoli and sweet potatoes contain vitamin A. It is essential for tooth enamel formation. Some crunchy vegetables also help to clean the gums.

    • Fruits:

      Strawberries, kiwis and apples contain vitamin C. This vitamin helps to hold the cells together. If it is in inadequate quantity, then the gum cells can become weak and tender and susceptible to diseases.

    • Green tea:

      It contains fluoride which helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and promotes healthy teeth. It also contains the plant compound – polyphenol antioxidant, which helps to reduce plaque, cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

    • Milk and yogurt:

      They contain calcium which is the main component of bones and teeth. These contain low decay-inducing sugar and low acidity, which reduces the wearing of teeth. Thus, they are good for bones and teeth.

    • Cheese:

      It contains both calcium and phosphorous. It helps to neutralize the pH and produces saliva in the mouth. Therefore, it kills the bacteria which causes infection and disease and rebuilds the tooth enamel.

    • Onions:

      Antibacterial sulfur containing compounds are present in onions. Research and tests show that onions when eaten raw kills different types of bacteria.

    • Sesame seeds:

      These are also rich in calcium. They help to reduce plaque and build tooth enamel.

    • Celery:

      It produces saliva and protects the teeth by neutralizing the bacteria which cause cavities. Celery also massages the gums and teeth.

    • Animal food:

      It includes eggs, chicken, beef and turkey which contain phosphorus, which is one of the most vital minerals for the teeth and bones.

    • Water:

      It helps to produce saliva which deposits essential nutrients inside the teeth. It keeps the teeth hydrated and cleans the teeth off germs and food particles.

Make sure to include all these beneficial foods to manage your dental health.

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