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Tips to Help the Teething Baby

Most babies may get more fussy and miserable during teething. But, some babies may not have any problem while teething, so no need to worry for them. If your baby develops some problems while teething then you can follow some tips to make them feel better. The simple tips for teething baby are listed below.

Tips for Teething Baby:

    • Observe your baby carefully for the signs of teething:

      Some common signs are bright red cheeks, unusual irritability, inflamed gums, low or high fever, a mild rash on the chin or around the mouth and changes in sleeping, feeding and nursing patterns.

    • Provide extra comfort:

      Nurse and cuddle your baby for more than the usual time as they may require and look for more comfort.

    • Massage:

      If your baby allows you to massage his/her gums with your fingers then continue for extra time as it helps to provide relief and ease the pain.

    • Offer frozen objects:

      Place some teething rings or washcloths in the freezer and then offer these cold objects to chew on. This also helps to reduce the swelling, and numb the gums.

    • Provide cool fluids:

      If your baby is old enough then you can give them cold fluids as they help to soothe their gums. It also helps to replenish those fluids which are lost due to drooling.

    • Offer cool foods:

      Offer washed and peeled cool carrots for your baby to chew on, as it helps to reduce the sensation and pressure of teething on gums. If they wish, you can also offer applesauce or yogurt.

    • Use washcloths:

      Especially when your baby has drooling episodes, keep some fresh washcloths to wipe of the spittle and to keep the skin dry. This helps to avoid drool rash.

    • Homeopathic teething medication:

      You can use homeopathic medicines for your teething baby. There are many types of medications available such as tablets, ointments, gels, etc. They help to numb the gums, but should be used in minute quantities. It is good to consult a doctor before using any medication.

    • Home remedies:

      You can also use natural home remedies as they are good and safe for babies. Examples are sesame seeds’ paste or oil, clove oil etc.

These are some tips which can help to ease and soothe your teething baby.

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