Dental Problems

What is Oral hygiene?

Oral hygiene includes the overall health of the gums, teeth and jaw bone. Thus, everyone needs to follow good oral hygiene to avoid bad breath and dental problems. Good oral hygiene also helps to prevent various diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal diseases.

Some of the common things which helps to maintain good oral hygiene are listed below:

    • Tongue cleaning:

      It helps to remove the yellow/white coating on the dorsal surface of the tongue. This coating includes decayed food particles, fungi (Candida), bacteria, and dead cells which can lead to gum problems and tooth decay.

    • Gum care:

      For good oral health, message your gums with a soft, bristled toothbrush. Flossing also helps to remove the bacteria and thus provides gum care.

    • Oral irrigation:

      Some dentists recommend oral irrigation to clean the teeth and gums. An oral irrigator can reach 3-4 mm below the gum line. They help to interfere with the bacterial growth by using a pressured and directed stream of water.

    • Diet:

      The foods which are rich in essential supplements provide growth and health to all parts of the body. Therefore, your diet should include the foods which contain vitamin B (cereals, whole wheat bread), Vitamin C (fruits and vegetables), magnesium and zinc (fish, lean meat and poultry). These foods help maintain the healthy growth of the gum tissues, teeth and bones.

    • Teeth cleaning:

      Brush the teeth using a proper technique twice a day, at least once before going to bed. Use a soft, bristled brush to clean your teeth and change it every 3 months. It helps to remove bacteria and germs on the teeth and prevents cavities, tooth decay and gum problems.

    • Flossing:

      It is very important because it helps to remove the food particles and plaque (a sticky material which consists of bacteria) from the grooves of the teeth. Thus, flossing after every meal helps to prevent dental and gum problems.

These are some of the common and easy procedures one can use to maintain good oral hygiene.

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