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Teething in Babies

Teething in babies can be very painful and uncomfortable. Parents are more excited seeing their baby’s first teeth but, the baby feels more discomfort and fussy. However, teething differs from one baby to another. The average growth of teeth also differs.

When does the first tooth appear?

Most commonly the first tooth may appear around 6 to 10 months, or it may appear around 3 or 4 months or around 12 months. The average growth of the first tooth is around 7 months. Babies may show the signs of teething such as drooling, biting, sleepless nights, etc,. just before the first tooth appears and the signs may continue in some babies until all the teeth appear.

How to relieve the discomfort of teething in infants?

There are many ways to relieve the discomfort in infants. Babies feel discomfort due to the sensation and emerging pressure of the teeth on the gums. They feel like biting and chewing things, thus to avoid this, you can provide them some baby care toys or objects which are safe and help them to chew and to relieve pressure. This helps them to soothe their gums and also relieves pain.

How do the teeth come in?

Firstly, the lower teeth come then after 1 or 2 months the upper teeth begin to appear. By the time they turn 2 ½ years old they may have all the twenty teeth. However, teething appears in this process – first two teeth (central incisors) appear on the lower jaw, then after a few months, the upper four incisors come in.

After a year they may usually have six teeth but, after a gap of several months six more teeth come in (lower two incisors and all four molars). Then canines come in after the baby turns 1 ½ year old and the second molars come behind the first molars usually after two years.

But, these are the milky teeth which are replaced with permanent teeth after the baby turns 6 years of age and is completed after 14 years of age. The wisdom teeth come just behind the second molars at the age of 17 to 21.

Teething is a long process. The teething process begins even before the baby’s birth within the mother’s womb. Thus, the development of healthy teeth also depends on the mother’s nutrition during pregnancy.

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