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Home Remedies for Baby Teething

There are many home remedies for baby teething. These remedies help to relieve the sensation and discomfort in the gums by providing soothing effect to the gums. Some of the home remedies are discussed in this article.

    • Banana:

      Place a banana in the freezer and give it to the baby. As the cold banana touches the gums, it helps in soothing.

    • Ice in a towel:

      Take a small amount of ice in a clean towel and let your baby suck on the ice towel. This cold ice helps to avoid swelling in the gums and eases the pain. Make sure that you don’t give at constant or frequent times, it may harm the gums.

    • Applesauce:

      Cold foods help in soothing your baby’s gums. All applesauces are gum-friendly and taste good.

    • Carrot:

      Place a full size carrot in the refrigerator, peel and wash it thoroughly and give it your baby. Your baby may chew on it which will help them to reduce the pain, sensation and pressure on the gums.

    • Teething biscuit:

      Offer a biscuit to your baby, it helps them to chew and gnaw on them as they are unsweetened and cracker-like.

    • Ice the baby bottle:

      Place water in a baby bottle, turn it upside and place it in the deep freezer, so that the water is frozen at the nipple. Allow your baby to chew on the nipple as it relieves them from discomfort. It also helps to soothe the baby when they become fussy.

    • Use a fruit:

      You can use apple slices placed in the wash cloth for your young baby, as they chew on them they feel more soothing effect.

    • Pure vanilla:

      Use only pure vanilla for your baby. Rub a small quantity of it on your baby’s gums, it will help to relieve the teething pain.

    • Sesame seeds:

      Take a small quantity of sesame seed (tahini) paste or its oil to calm the teething effect on your baby’s gums. Make sure that you don’t use it in huge amounts.

These are a few home remedies which are safe to use for young babies. However, use them in minimal amounts and use good quality ones. All these remedies help to relieve the discomfort and pain, and also to calm your fussy baby.

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