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Remedies for Baby Teething

There are many remedies for baby teething, some of which are listed in this article. These remedies help the baby to get relief from pain and discomfort. The babies may also become fussy during teething and may have sleepless days and nights. Thus, to provide relief from all the discomfort and uneasiness for your baby you can follow the following remedies.

  • Use flush toys:

    There are many toys available in the market which are safe for babies. You can provide some toys to your babies to give relief from the irritation and pressure of teething on gums.

  • Your finger:

    Most common thing is to teach them to gnaw on your fingers. But, thumb-sucking or pacifier sucking could disturb your baby’s teeth alignment.

  • Cold vegetables and fruits:

    It is good to use washed muslin cloth or handkerchief to help your baby to chew on them with frozen mangoes or bananas. These cold things help to soothe painful gums. You can also offer washed and peeled frozen carrot to your baby to satisfy his/her chewing urge.

  • Ice cubes:

    Most of the physicians recommend frozen foods and stuff for teething babies which help to ease the teething pain. You can use ice cubes of diluted chamomile tea, plain water or breast milk.

  • Washclothes:

    You can also use cold or frozen or dry or a damp washcloth with knots for your baby. Use different temperature of washclothes for your baby to relieve the pain. Some babies may enjoy the coldness or hardness of washcloth knot.

  • Teething rings and toys:

    Use teething rings and toys which are safe for babies. You can place the rings in the freezer before giving them to your baby as cold objects help to ease the teething pain. Make sure to check the label carefully before buying any toys for babies as they should be safe for babies. You can buy wooden or other material toys but they should be eco-friendly. Never buy the toys which can be easily broken into pieces.

These are a few easy remedies that will help your baby to get relief from the teething pain and also the discomfort. Make sure to buy only safe toys and washed and cleaned clothes and foods for your baby.

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