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6 Useful Tips – Teething and Vomiting in Babies

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisTeething babies may have several problems and may show many symptoms. Vomiting is one of the symptoms which is common in babies during teething. Some babies may vomit during teething, whereas, others may not. The symptoms and signs may vary from one baby to another.

However, teething and vomiting in babies can make them uncomfortable and they may become fussy because of the pain and irritation in the gums. Thus, it is also important for parents to be calm and composed to handle their baby. A few useful tips can be helpful to deal with the baby during teething and vomiting.

Tips for Teething and Vomiting in Babies :

    • Adapt yourself to the situation:

      Learn to adapt to the situation and be comfortable with your baby. Make sure that you don’t wear any expensive clothes. Always be ready with extra handkerchief or wash clothes to wipe off the baby saliva or vomit.

    • Music:

      As your baby will not be able to handle the pain and discomfort, he/she may become fussy. Be calm and soothe them either by playing songs or by singing, especially, while changing their clothes or feeding. Thus, it helps to distract and calm the baby.

    • Use rocking chair:

      As babies easily get fussy during teething and vomiting, they may feel discomfort. Thus, you can prepare an infant rocking chair to provide a comfortable place. Your baby may love it and may also get distracted from the teething sensation and pain.

    • Use toddlers crib:

      As babies become cranky, they don’t like to sleep in the cot and start crying. So, you may need to carry them till they sleep. You can also use a pillow and a rocking chair to put the baby to sleep. After your baby sleeps you can place them in a crib.

    • Don’t panic:

      First-time parents usually get panicky for every reason which is concerned with their new born. Don’t panic instead cool down and monitor you baby.

    • Regular checkup with doctor:

      Make sure that you consult your doctor for a regular checkup for your baby. They may ask you about the baby’s activities, you need to maintain the list of everything that your baby does regularly. For example, if your baby has vomited several times, or has motions, etc.

All these tips help you to control yourself first, as it is important. Make sure to have a regular checkup of your baby with a doctor or pediatrician. It helps to keep a note of your baby’s growth and development.

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