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Common Risk Factors of Gum Disease

Many factors are associated with gum diseases. If one doesn’t take care of the teeth at the right time then he/she is at a higher risk of developing disease condition of the gums. Some of the common risk factors which can lead to gum disease are discussed in this article.

Common Risk Factors of Gum Disease

  • Snacks:

    The snacks which include fries, soda and especially starchy fried food between the meals may lead to gum diseases. Thus, it is better to brush and floss your teeth after every meal.

  • Sugary foods:

    Sugar is always bad for teeth. Never take any sugary foods after meals as it might result in gum diseases.

  • Improper oral dental health:

    This is one of the major causes of gum disease.

  • Braces:

    If one puts braces then the removal of plaque can become tougher. As plaque contains bacteria, it might lead to gum diseases.

  • Plaque:

    It is a sticky lining on the gums which contains bacteria. Therefore, it needs to be removed to avoid the action of bacteria on the gums which form pockets. These pockets are again used by the bacteria to increase their population and attack the gums, bones and teeth.

  • Medical Conditions:

    Some medical conditions like Down syndrome and diabetes, cause the risk of disease condition in the gums.

  • Lousy Diet:

    Poor diet can also lead to disease conditions in various parts of the body, including the gums, due to the inadequate supply of essential nutrients.

  • Sleep:

    Too little sleep may also trigger the disease condition in the gums.

  • Stress:

    Too much stress can also cause infection in the body, including the gums.

  • Hormones:

    Women are at a higher risk than men for developing the gum disease condition. During puberty, women become more sensitive to infection and irritation due to hormonal changes. Some women may experience a bit of gum bleeding in the days just before their periods.

  • Tobacco products and smoking:

    Use of tobacco products and smoking lead to bad breath, yellow and stained teeth which ultimately results in gum diseases. Recent studies have also proved that smoking is a leading cause for the diseased condition of the gums.

The American Dental Association has found that people who smoke and use tobacco are prone to developing tartar and plaque which can result in gum disease. Smokers also have high chances of developing mouth cancer in the future.

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