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Why to Replace Missing Teeth -Options of Missing Teeth Replacement

More than 7% of Americans have at least one permanent teeth missing by the age of 17. This is shown by the studies done by the U.S Surgeon General. And if you miss a permanent tooth then there is no chance that nature will provide you with another one. You have to do it artificially, by yourself. That is you have to replace the tooth or teeth.

Why to replace missing teeth?

  • When you lose a tooth it is a better idea to have the missing tooth replaced for the sake of overall oral health. It is well known that a missing teeth will affect your “bite.” It affects ability to speak and chew.
  • Missing teeth makes you chew more (to get proper food chime). Tooth loss can also cause many side effects such as jaw pain, increased strain on remaining teeth and headaches.
  • Losing teeth can also affect overall appearance of face. It may end up in bad self-esteem.

Options of Missing Teeth Replacement:

There are several options to replace the missing teeth. Here are a few of them:


This is a removable plastic tooth that replaces the missing teeth. This tooth is inexpensive, but the main problem is that they are fragile and temporary. This flipper needs periodic removing and cleaning.

Partial Denture:

This is also removable tooth. Its main structure is that it is precision cast in metal. It is hold in place with wire clips. Partial dentures are removed for periodic cleanings.

Fixed Bridge:

It is something that is fixed. Here the tooth is permanently cemented into place using “caps” or crowns on the teeth with the adjacent space. This process requires removing or reducing the outer layer of the adjacent teeth. For instance, one missing tooth requires 3 connected crowns to form a “bridge.”

Complete Dentures:

When one loses all teeth in one or both jaws, complete dentures give complete solution. The success of the dentures depends upon the size and shape of the jaw. Other factors such as oral habits and ability to adapt to the dentures also play a major role in successful implantation of the dentures.
Dental implants and the spark erosion system, also called implant-supported dentures, are other options for replacement of missing teeth.

Replacing teeth is usually not an emergency situation. You may have sufficient time to study and decide for the option most suitable for you. Most of these techniques take a month or two.

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