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What are the Tooth Extraction Complications?

Tooth extraction can lead to various complications in a few cases. These conditions might be temporary or permanent. Some of these tooth extraction complications can be treated with the use of antibiotics, but some cannot be treated. The complications for teeth extraction are listed below.

Tooth Extraction Complications:

  1. Infection:

    There may be a chance of infection in some patients. Therefore, the dentist may prescribe the antibiotics before or after the surgery, if she/he concludes the patient is at risk.

  2. Swelling:

    It may occur based on the type of surgical treatment. For example, a minor swelling may develop when the periosteum (bone covering) is injured during the surgical flap (elevation). The swelling can be either temporary or permanent.

  3. Prolonged bleeding:

    It is another common tooth extraction complication. Usually, bleeding almost stops completely within eight hours or ten hours after the surgical extraction, but only less bleeding may occur from the wound.

  4. Sinus exposure and communication:

    This can occur in patients who have tooth extraction in the upper molars. The sinus cavity is covered with a membrane termed as Sniderian membrane. After the tooth extraction if the membrane is exposed, but remains intact then it is referred as sinus exposed. But, if the membrane has been perforated then it is referred as sinus communication. Thus, they may easily get infected by bacteria.

  5. Nerve injury:

    The most common nerve injuries that occur due to the surgical extractions are on the inferior alveolar nerve and the lingual nerve. These nerves help to provide sensation and damage may occur to the nerves while lifting the teeth. The injuries are usually temporary and are rare, but some may be even prolonged or permanent based on the kind of injury.

  6. Dry socket:

    It is also referred as alveolar osteitis. This is a phenomenon which is painful and occurs after a few days of the tooth extraction. It is believed to occur because of the disruption of the blood clot inside the healing tooth after the extraction.

These are some post tooth extraction complications which can treated with the help of antibiotics. Thus, consult a doctor after the tooth extraction for a regular checkup to prevent any further complications.

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