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What are the Reasons for Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction or dental extraction can be performed due to various reasons. Therefore, one needs to know the exact reasons for which the tooth extractions are performed. The most common reasons for tooth extraction are listed below.

Reasons for tooth extractions / teeth extractions:

The reasons for tooth or teeth extractions are given below:

  • Tooth damage is the most common reason among all, for the extraction of the tooth.
  • Severe tooth decay is the other reason for the tooth extraction.
  • Infection with germs and bacteria causes damage in the teeth, which needs to be addressed by tooth extraction.
  • Extra teeth such as non-third molar which blocks the developing wisdom teeth. Thus, it needs tooth extraction to remove that extra teeth.
  • Gum disease is another major cause for teeth extraction. These diseases damage the teeth, gums, bone structure and supporting tissues of the teeth.
  • If a person is preparing for orthodontic treatment then he/she needs to have tooth extractions performed by the doctor.
  • If an individual meets with an accident and injures the teeth then he may need tooth extraction.
  • People who fracture their teeth may also need teeth extraction.
  • A person may also need to have teeth extraction due to the radiations receiving to the neck and head.
  • Insufficient space for the developing teeth, for example wisdom teeth, is another reason. Most of the dentists usually remove asymptomatic impacted non-third molars.
  • Some patients may also need to have teeth extraction due to the infection of the teeth after receiving an organ transplantation. As they need to consume drugs, which weaken the immune system and develop the risk of infections.
  • Patients receiving drugs (for example, cancer drugs) may develop a high risk of infection due to the suppression of the immune system. Thus, they may develop teeth infection and may need teeth extraction.

Thus, it is better to consult your dentist and get thorough information for the tooth extraction.

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