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Teens and Dental Care

Dental Care for TeensParents of teens are concerned about their dental health. Teens happen to become less vigilant about maintaining a healthy oral hygiene. Empowered by their hormonal changes, these teens are busy roaming here and there. They eat all sorts of things to enjoy themselves. They tend to eat more sugary drinks and snacks while hanging out with their friends. They drink more soda than compare to younger children. Furthermore, teenagers keep irregular schedules and complex lifestyle. In this article, we give dentistry guide to maintain proper dental care for teens.


Dentistry Guide for Teens

  • Counsel your teen child on importance of brushing and flossing. It does matter if they eat more but thing is that they should make a habit to floss. They should keep a time reserved for brushing and flossing.
  • Educate them on the after effects of carelessness. This lack of brushing may lead to periodontal diseases. They may require root canal therapy or tooth extraction for the simple reason of not brushing on time. There may be host of other serious problems.
  • Discuss benefits of dental care. Say them that they can turn to real stars if they possess healthy teeth and a nice smile. This will naturally interest them to take care of their dental issues.
  • Some teens dread the idea of having a “brace face”. Show them the advanced technologies such as the Invisalign system to correct their appearance of their teeth. They will be pleased to take to advanced technologies in every sphere of their lives including dental care.
  • Take special care when your teen child needs removal of wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth typically begins at the age of 17. If the wisdom teeth come out unnaturally, they disturb other teeth and cause crowding. So it needs to be extracted. Take your child to a qualified dentist and get the extraction done on time.

Be friendly in dealing with teens. They are not small children now. They are understanding life. Your child can have good, healthy teeth life-long if he is provided proper dental care.

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