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Home Remedies for Wisdom Teeth Pain

Home remedies are best, effective and easy treatments. The treatment includes the material usually from a normal kitchen, thus, it is inexpensive. Home remedies for wisdom teeth pain can also be used to treat the condition effectively. All the ingredients are natural, so they are safe.

Common home remedies for wisdom teeth pain

Some of the common home remedies are listed below:

    • Warm salt water:

      Add a few teaspoons of salt in a cup of warm water and use the salt water to gargle the mouth. Gargle every hour or twice an hour, as it helps to quickly relieve the pain, which may last for for an hour. This is a temporary remedy to get relief from the pain till you find a permanent solution.

    • Ice Cubes:

      Place 3 to 4 ice cubes in the affected area to relieve the pain for a few hours, as it numbs the pain.

    • Bay Berry:

      Take two teaspoons of bay berry powder and add half a teaspoon of vinegar and make a paste. Apply this thick paste on the affected area, it helps to reduce the pain.

    • Onion:

      It contains antibacterial compounds which help to ease the pain. Chew onion or place a piece on the affected area.

    • Fluoride Tooth Paste:

      Use fluoride toothpaste to brush the teeth as it fights against infections and helps to maintain dental health.

    • Vanilla Extract:

      Use pure vanilla extract to rub on the affected area. It helps to relieve the pain.

    • Ground Cloves:

      Chew a clove or directly apply clove oil on the affected area, it helps to give instant pain relief. It is an excellent home remedy to treat toothache or pain.

    • Lemon or lime extract:

      Drink lemon or lime juice. This is one of the home remedies for wisdom teeth pain.

    • Garlic:

      Garlic also temporarily helps to alleviate the pain. Smash one garlic clove and add a pinch of salt and mix it. Place this mixture on the aching tooth. One can also use garlic oil mixed with olive oil and dab it on the aching tooth with the help of a cotton ball.

These are a few home remedies which can act effectively to relieve the wisdom tooth ache or pain in the affected area.

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