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Signs and Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth develop beside the secondary molars around 17 to 21 years of age or sometimes may not develop at all. There are some signs or symptoms which may occur before or during the wisdom teeth development. Some people may experience pain during this time while others may not. Let us examine the various signs and symptoms of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth -Signs and Symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms of the growing wisdom teeth. Not all may show the same signs and symptoms. But, some may develop one or few symptoms which may be for the time being. Some of the common signs and symptoms are listed below.

Signs and Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth

  • Pain:

    One may experience pain due to the breakage of gums by the developing wisdom teeth.

  • Red, swollen and sore gums:

    They may experience red, swollen and sore gums due to the wisdom teeth.

  • Tender to touch:

    One may experience tenderness of gums to touch.

  • Bleeding of gums:

    They may also experience bleeding of gums around the impacted wisdom teeth.

  • Swelling of gums:

    The impacted wisdom teeth may also cause swelling of the jaw area.

  • Bad Breath:

    Bad breath is one of the other symptoms which one may develop during the impacted wisdom teeth.

  • Jaw pain or Headache:

    Prolonged jaw pain or headache might also be experienced.

  • Difficulty opening mouth:

    One may experience difficulty while opening the mouth.

  • Visible gap where the tooth has not emerged:

    A visible gap may occur before the tooth emerges.

  • Neck – Swollen lymph nodes:

    Some may occasionally develop swollen lymph nodes in the neck.

  • Infection:

    Infection may occur in the teeth or in the gums.

  • Difficulty while swallowing:

    They may also experience difficulty or pain while swallowing.

  • Tumor development:

    One may also develop tumors.

These signs and symptoms come occasionally and go away. But, if one develops severe pain then it is better to consult a dentist.

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