Dental Problems

Gums Problems – Causes of Sore, Swollen and Bleeding Gums

Dental health not only includes the health of teeth, but also the gums. Gums play a big role in the dental health and overall well being. Thus, to avoid the gum problems such as swollen, sore and bleeding gums one need to prevent the causes of swollen, bleeding and sore gum problems.

Some of the common causes of sore, swollen and bleeding problems are mentioned below:

  • Brushing Technique:

    It is one of the common reasons for gum problems. As one may brush the teeth as vigorously in a wrong way to keep the teeth healthy, but it causes damage to the gums. As hard or medium bristles can cause swollen, red gums and damage to the enamel of the teeth. Thus, choose the toothbrush which has blunted ends, but made of soft nylon bristles. Make sure to brush gently and in circular motions, as back and forth can irritate and damage the teeth and gums, making them sore, swollen and prone to bleeding.

  • Improper flossing technique:

    It can be the other reason as one forces to floss, it can cause swelling or bleeding of gums. As flossing helps to remove the plaque and the stuck food in the teeth thus, it is important to floss gentle.

  • Gum diseases:

    This is one of the major cause where most people experience sore, swollen and bleeding gums. Gum diseases are caused due to the bacteria and other germs. Some of the common gum diseases are gingivitis, periodontitis. When one do not have proper dental hygiene, the bacteria form plaque and grow on the teeth, and cause infection. If this condition is no treated in time , then it may lead to tooth decay and ultimately tooth loss.

  • Tobacco products:

    People who are addicted to tobacco products are more likely to develop gum and tooth problems, leading to gum diseases. Smoking also leads to different gum problems.

These are the few causes of gum problems, which can lead to severe tooth decay and tooth loss if not treated in time.

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