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Dental Abscess – Causes and Symptoms

Dental abscess is a condition which develops due to the accumulation of pus in the adjoining structures of teeth or in the tooth. The causes, signs and symptoms of dental abscess are listed below in this article.

Cause of Dental Abscess

The main cause of dental abscess is the growth of bacteria within the tooth cavity or into the bone and soft tissues of the jaw, face and neck.

Signs and Symptoms of Dental Abscess

There are many signs and symptoms of dental abscess which are mentioned below:

    • Cavities:

      Cavities in the teeth may lead to dental abscess.

    • Pus drainage:

      Due to infection caused by germs in the tooth, there can be formation of pus.

    • Gum inflammation:

      The gums may become red and inflamed.

    • Tenderness to touch:

      The affected tooth may become loose and painful, which may be tender to touch.

    • Oral swelling:

      Due to the infection in the gums, gum balls may be formed and it may also cause swelling.

    • Swelling of the jaw and face:

      The swelling in the gums may progress to the bones of the face and neck.

    • Difficulty in swallowing:

      Due to the pain and swelling of bones in the mouth, one may face difficulty while swallowing food.

    • Difficulty in fully opening mouth:

      Sometimes, one may feel difficulty or have pain while fully opening the mouth, due to all over swelling in the mouth.

    • Pain or toothache:

      It can be mild but may quickly become severe and worse.

    • Swelling of gums:

      Due to the growth of germs, they may be swelling of gums.

    • Redness of the face and mouth:

      Due to the infection and pain one may develop redness of the face and mouth.

    • Nausea, Vomiting, and Chills

      : Due to the discomfort, pain and infection one may experience nausea, vomiting, and chills.

    • High temperature:

      Due to pain one may develop fever.

These are a few causes, signs, and symptoms which may occur due to bacterial and other germ infections.

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