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Teeth Whitening Gel – The Mechanism and Products

Who does not wants white, sparkling teeth?! A smile exposing white teeth electrifies the onlookers. It adds up to overall personality, appealing everyone around.

But large proportion of population has problems with their teeth color. People observe their teeth appearing different colors ranging from yellow to gray. They suffer stained, discolored teeth with the intensity of tooth pain. In this article, we talk about teeth whitening gel as a good way to get rid of weary dull teeth, replaced with white, pearly teeth.

The mechanism of teeth whitening gel:

Teeth whitening gel is a dental product whose main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. Upon application of the gel, hydrogen peroxide decomposes or breaks down. The next step is oxidation of the gel which occurs in dental procedures by applications of laser lights. However, in take-home teeth whitening gels, the formula allows oxidation to occur by ambient light in the environment.

By oxidation, it means breaking down. Following the break down hydrogen peroxide contained within the gel attaches itself to stained parts of the teeth. This break down also allows oxygen to penetrate the transparent tooth enamel. Oxygen removes the stain and discoloration by making the stained molecules weaker and weaker. This brings out the natural whiteness of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Gel Product

Teeth whitening gel is used in almost all the teeth whitening procedures carried out cosmetic dentists. However, these gels are designed for at-home teeth whitening purposes too.

In dental procedures, the product is given with a mouth tray that is worn by the patient. The gel is added to the mouth tray through a syringe by the dentist.

At-home teeth whiteners are also provided with tray except for there is no syringe here. The user needs to place a small dab of gel half way up or in front of each tooth in the tray. The tray has designated time to wear it for. It needs to be brushed away after that.

Some of the famous teeth whitening gel products found in the market are:

  • Teeth Whitening 22% Deluxe System (Complete Whitening System)
  • Teeth Whitening Gel 16% Carbamide Peroxide
  • Teeth Whitening Gel 22% Carbamide Peroxide

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