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What is the Treatment for Angular Cheilitis?

Treatment for Angular CheilitisTreatment for Angular Cheilitis

Usually, the treatment for Angular Cheilitis is based on the causes

* For minor cases, that is, if the lesion is cased by bacteria then, applying topical antiseptic cream on the lesions will give good results
* If the lesions are formed due to fungal infections then, an anti-fungal cream available over the counter can do the job successfully
* More serious cases may require a physician’s advice
* In certain cases, malabsorption syndrome is treated with B-12 shots as per the requirement

Causes of Angular Cheilitis

* Main causes for angular cheilitis are nutritional deficiency and/or malnutrition disease such as celiac disease
* Bacteria plays an important role in post angular cheiltis formation, but the common cause is fungal infection
* Vitamin and mineral deficiencies include Vitamin B2, Iron and Zinc
* Plummer-vision syndrome (cheilosis is the cause)
* Chapped lips can be one of the reasons (most commonly seen in winter)
* In some cases, medication that form dry skin is also a cause
* In very minimal cases it is associated with hypervitaminosis A

Symptoms of Angular Cheilitis

A patient suffering from angular cheilitis might notice

* Cracks and fissuring in the corners of your lips, usually with redness
* Drainage of pus
* Ulceration
* Tissue softness and tenderness

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