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Dental Implants Treatment Plan

Dental implants treatment plan is a procedure where you, your periodontist and your dentist will determine how and where to place the implant. Then your dentist checks specific conditions of your jaw bone, and suggest the types of implants. Depending on these two things your periodontist and your dentist create a treatment plan to meet your requirements.

Thus, there are few treatment options which are listed below:

    • Replacement of a single tooth:

      If your single tooth is decayed or lost, then one crown and one implant can be used to replace it. Dental implant replaces the missing natural tooth and even its root.

    • Replacement of several teeth:

      If you have lost several teeth, then implant-supported bridges will help to replace them. These dental implants not only replace your missing or affected teeth but, also some of its roots.

    • Replacement of all teeth:

      If you have lost all your teeth, then implant-supported full denture or full bridge can help to replace them. These dental implants replace all your missing natural teeth along with some of the roots.

    • Sinus Augmentation:

      The important feature to replenish the lost teeth by dental implants is to have a quality and quantity amount of the bone. In dental implantation the problem exists near the upper back jaw. It has been the most difficult area to place the dental implants because of insufficient bone quality and quantity along with the close contact to the sinus.

      Thus, sinus augmentation can be helpful to solve the problem by lifting the sinus floor and building the jaw bone to place the dental implants.

    • Ridge Modification:

      Due to inadequate bone in the lower or upper jaw there could be a problem to place the dental implants. Thus, to correct this problem. The bony defect is exposed by lifting the gum from the ridge. Then the defect in the bone is filled with bone substitute or bone to build up or to extend the ridge. Thus, the dental implants can be successfully placed.

These are some of the types which help you to find your implant option. Thus, consult your dentist as he/she can be helpful to guide you more on the best options to replenish your lost or affected natural teeth.

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