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Dental Anxiety -Dental Phobia, Fear of Dentists in Children

Dental AnxietyDental anxiety is commonly seen in people with dental problems. It is estimated that 30 to 40 million Americans avoid seeing the dentist only because they have some form of dental phobia or anxiety. These people have fears that are result of exaggerated thinking. Sometimes severe dental phobia can be a more serious condition. It causes the patient to avoid his/her dental appointment altogether. Let us know more about this subject in this article.


Dental Phobia: Fear of dentists in adults

It is experienced that dental pain is a bit severe and serious than pain in any other part of body. Moreover, the equipments used by dentists make it appear all the more horrific. Sometimes people are fearful of dentist themselves. Those adults suffer from this phobia avoid this experience altogether. This never helps them. It only intensifies the problem. The person with dental phobia:

  • Is terrified and panic-stricken when it comes to see to the dentist
  • Spends sleepless nights before the day of appointment with dentist
  • May become sick in the waiting room of dental office
  • Shivers at the very site of dentist and his equipments
  • Ready to quit as soon as the procedure is over

Dental Phobia in Children:

When it comes to children dental phobia is very difficult to deal. Some children have a deep-seated fear of dentists. They need special pediatric care along with dental care.

One of the way to deal with dental phobia in children is to start dental checkups at an early age so that the child is comfortable with dental appointments. Also, the elders should not convey their dental fears to the children. Kid-friendly dental offices can offer some comfort to children with dental problems.

Whether it is adult or child, dental phobia can be allayed by dental sedation techniques. You can more information on dental sedation techniques in a related article in this site.

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