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What are the Causes of Worn Tooth?

Tooth Enamel is one of the hardest substance in the body. Minerals make up 96% of the Enamel. It is one of the major tissues of the tooth. When this essential component of the tooth gets diminished, worn tooth results. This article tries to gain further insight on this dental problem.

Factors which Cause Worn Tooth are:


This damage to the enamel is caused by foreign objects. Applying excess pressure on the roots of the teeth by brush can damage the enamel. Bad habits like chewing pencils or pens, biting the fingernail and practices like poking the gaps of the teeth with pins and needles also cause wearing of enemel. It is found that wearing oral jewellery in pierced lips or tongue can wear the enamel on adjacent teeth. It is one of the major causes of worn tooth in young people.


This is like a silent destructor of enamel. Griding of teeth against each other is a condition called Bruxism. It happens to patients when they sleep at night. Bruxism causes enamel loss while the patients remain unaware of it. Apart of the medical condition like Bruxism, grinding of teeth also takes place while we speak and eat too. But here is loss of enamel is gradually and becomes clear over the years, especially as a sign of old age.


It is caused by the effect of chemicals on the enamel. Eating fruits like lemons, grapes, oranges and limes increase the risk of worn tooth by erosion. It is because these contain a chemical substance called Citric acid. Soft drinks and some candies are also found to possess this chemical. Excess drinking of coffee and tea can also erosion. It is because they contain another type of chemical for corrosive acid.

Teeth should be brushed with soft tooth brushes. The process of brushing should be slow and done carefully with caution. Regularly brushing the teeth twice a day is essential for sound dental health.

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