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Causes and Symptoms of Pyorrhea

Teeth is surrounded by soft tissues which form its roots. They are called the Gum. These tissues are very sensitive to the way we brush our teeth and oral hygiene in general. In the present day hectic life style, we brush our teeth in hurry. This involves applying excess pressure on them causing them to bleed. This condition is called Pyorrhea.  This article tries to gain further insight on the causes and symptoms of pyorrhea.

How Pyorrhea is Caused:

Our mouth contains millions of bacteria. They continuously try to attack the parts of our mouth. One such bacteria, called Bacillus is responsible for this dental problem. It attacks teeth and gum. It increases its count by thriving on the left over food deposits in the gaps of the teeth. These food deposits also form a layer upon the surface of the teeth called plaque. This plaque do not allow the normal functioning of the gum. It decreases the ability of the gums to fight against bacteria. The bacteria releases a harmful chemical from this plaque that irritate the gums and cause swelling there. This leads to weakening of the gums and bleeding ultimately.

Symptoms of Pyorrhea:

Mostly improper brushing habits, injury in the gums, poor oral health, reckless use of toothpicks and improper nutrition cause this dental problems. The following are the indications of this disease:

  • Swelling of gums
  • Pain and formation of pus in the gum.
  • Weak Gums
  • Disturbed Digestive system
  • Liver Problem

Treatment of Pyorrhea:

  • The best home remedy to treat this dental problem is eating unripe guava fruit or its leaves.
  • Raw spinach juice, carrot, banana, lemon also are effective in treating this problem.
  • Avoid starchy food, tinned food, junk food, coffee, tea and alcohol.

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