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Tooth Eruption -What are Stages of Tooth Eruption?

Tooth eruption is a phase of teeth that refers to the emergence of teeth within the mouth of a person. It is a natural process and every person has teeth eruption in his life.

The first form of teeth eruption is eruption of primary teeth. Primary teeth erupts around 6 months to two years of age. It continues till the last tooth, the wisdom tooth, which usually erupts between the ages of 17 and 24.

Stages of tooth eruption

There are 3 stages of tooth eruption

Primary stage:

This is the first stage of emergence of tooth. Here the tooth comes out of the child’s gumline. The teeth are called primary teeth, baby teeth or milk teeth. The order of primary tooth eruption is first the central incisor, then lateral incisor, first molar, canine and the second molar. It ranges from 6 months to the age of 6. Mixed stage follows the primary stage.

Mixed stage:

This is the stage where eruption of maxillary teeth begins with the first molar. In this stage the child have a few permanent teeth. Mandibular teeth erupts in this stage.

Permanent stage:

In this stage permanent teeth start settling into the mouth. These teeth are accompanied by third molars that are referred as “Wisdom teeth.” This is the last stage of eruption which is prominent around 12 years of age.

Everyone experiences these stages in a same way. But sometimes eruption can occur at different times depending upon the person. And interestingly, there is

no evidence

why teeth erupt and why is that all humans have the same eruption stages.

Earlier theories claimed that it is because of growth of a tooth’s root, while other theories tried to prove that it was caused by bone surrounding a tooth. The present theory on this matter explains it as the impact of the periodontal ligament upon the teeth. But still it is a mystery…Why a tooth erupts?!

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