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What are the Different Types of Dental Bone Grafts?

Dental Bone Grafts: Dental Bone Grafting is a surgical procedure done before dental implants. It is done to strengthen the jaw line and support the implants. There are different types of dental bone grafting materials used, like autogenous, allograft and xenograft. Lets look it to more details in this article.

Types of Dental Bone Grafts


It is done using the same patients bone, taken from the other areas of the mouth. The dentist will collect these, while drilling the bone to prepare for dental implants. In rare cases, the bone is taken outside of the mouth (usually from the hip). This kind of procedure is done in a operation theatre. This type of bone graft is considered as the best.


It is a bone made of synthetic materials. Normally calcium phospate is used, as it mimics with the natural bone. Grafts made of calcium phosphate are resorbed into the body, encouraging the natural bone growth. If other kind of grafts are used they are not resorbed, but they act as scaffold on which the natural bone can built.


Uses the bone harvested from animals, like cow. The bone is harvested and sterilised under a strict supervision making it totally biocompatible. These kind of bones are use as fillers which are eventually replaced by the natural bone of the patient’s body.

What is Dental Bone Graft ?

The dental implants will stay in place, only if the patient has sufficient jaw bone to support it. The jawbone is helpful to strenghten the implants and make them last for long time. Different types of bone grafts are used depending on the requirements. The dentist will have a through examination of your teeth and decides which type of graft would be better for the patient. There are less no of side effects in dental bone grafting, because a thorough check up is done by the dentist before doing any treatment.

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