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What is the Treatment for Aphthous Ulcer?

Aphthous Ulcers which are commonly known canker sores are the open sores in mouth. These are the common forms of mouth ulcers, which may cause due to fever. There may be even different causes for aphthous ulcer. Aphthous ulcer is a typical form of oral ulcer, it is formed as an open sore by breaking the mucous membrane. Usually these sores are seen inside your mouth and upper throat. One more problem with this ulcer is, it is recurrent. This article discusses about the prescription and non-prescription treatment for aphthous ulcer.

Prescription Treatment for Aphthous Ulcer

  • Corticosteroid preparations are used to control the symptoms
  • Certain laser treatments are available from a dentist to reduce the spread of these ulcers
  • Antiviral medication can be used to reduce further increase of the lesion
  • New medication called Debacterol, can be used to reduce pain and the effects of aphthous ulcer

Non-prescription Treatment for Aphthous Ulcer

  • Protecting the wounds from further physical trauma, this can be done using a topical ointment and careful brushing
  • Temporary changes in your diet, remove all chemical irritants like acidic foods and spices
  • Speed the healing process, using natural remedies like licorice root and lysine supplements
  • Mouthwashes and gentle toothpastes can be used

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