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Tooth Fillings -Types of Tooth Fillings

Types of Tooth Fillings:

Tooth filling:

It is a way to restore the damaged teeth of cavities. By fillings, the tooth is not only back to its normal function but also gets back its normal shape. Cavities are common ailments and tooth filling is a common procedure in dentistry. While doing a tooth filling, the dentist first removes the material in decayed tooth. Then cleans the affected area of the tooth. He then fills the cleaned cavity with a filling material. Depending on the material used for filling, there are 4 main types of tooth fillings.

Gold Fillings:

The filling material in gold fillings is a specialized gold that is ordered in a laboratory. The dentist cements this gold on place. Gold inlays are proven to be well tolerated by gums. They last more than 20 years. For this reason, many dentists consider gold as the best filling material for tooth fillings. However, many patients do not opt for this due to its expense and requirement of multiple visits.

Silver Fillings:

Here, the material is not exactly silver. It is amalgam. Thus also known as silver amalgam filling. Silver fillings are resistant to wear and relatively inexpensive. Due to their dark color and visibility, silver fillings are done in inner parts of the teeth, sparing the visible areas such as front teeth.

Composite Resin Fillings:

Here, the resins are matched to the same color as the teeth. They are in demand in cosmetic dentistry where the natural appearance is the priority. The ingredients are mixed there and then and are placed directly into the cleaned cavity. Though they are cosmetically appealing, composite filling materials may not be ideal for large fillings. They also run risk of getting chipped over time getting stained very soon.

Porcelain Fillings:

They are called inlays or onlays. They are produced in a laboratory. They are the latest techniques in teeth filling. They have advantage of matching the color of the teeth and resisting staining. Porcelain restoration of tooth generally covers most of the tooth.

Dental filling or teeth filling is a procedure where your dentist decides to fill the cavity with any of the above materials described.

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