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Intraoral Camera – Construction and Utilities

Intraoral CameraIntraoral camera

It is a diagnostic and educational tool in dentistry. It is used to see the inside of the mouth. A typical intraoral camera looks as shown in the figure. In this article, you can know construction and utility of intraoral camera.

Construction of Intraoral camera:

Intraoral camera is a video camera that moves around, inside the mouth. It is provided with disposable probes. The camera is inserted in the mouth and rotated inside. The accessories provided helps the dentist to take any number of desired images. The main part is processing unit which is attached to computer to get the images.

Utilities of Intraoral camera

A dentist primarily uses intraoral camera for patient education. He finds it easy to show the patients the pictures of their inside mouths. He can highlight the areas where the medical attention may be needed.

Sometimes patients are less likely to defer or even refuse to go for the procedures that are important for the mouth. In such cases, The camera can show them clearly the area and thus relate to the procedure explained by the dentist. There suspicions about the recommendations for dental procedures, due to potential pain, about cost, or the fears about the dentists are clarified to a great extent by analyzing the facts using intraoral camera.

In some complex dental procedures, the intraoral camera is used to take images that are very critical. It is used to document procedures forlegal and educational reasons.

Intraoral camera is used to create images of critical cases of patient’s mouth which can be used in medical schools for purpose of further studies and research about various issues pertain to oral health.

Intraoral cameras come with many designs and facilities.

Disposable probes

ensure that germs are not passed between patients or doctor and patients. They come with a variety of options which enhance the working and functionality of the camera. From basic to sophisticated, intraoral cameras are now becoming indispensable diagnostic and educational tools in dentistry nowadays.

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