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Teeth Stains -What are Types of Teeth Stains?

Teeth stains are discoloration of teeth due to improper tooth care. Depending on the cause of stain, there can be long term stains and short term stains. In this article, we shall know the causes and types of teeth stains.

Causes of Teeth Stains:

  • Tobacco is the worst offender of teeth. Whether it is smoked or chewed, tobacco leaves stains on teeth.
  • Tea, coffee and colas too cause stains on teeth.
  • Drinking dark liquids regularly can cause stains on teeth. Juices like fruit juice, red wine and soda can turn white teeth to yellow. Dentists say, Anything that can stain your carpet can stain your teeth.
  • Aging is also a significant factor that contributes to stained teeth.

Types of Teeth Stains:

1)Superficial Stains
2)Embedded Stains
3)Structural Stains

Superficial Stains:

As the name suggests, superficial stains exist only on the surface of the teeth. They can be removes by a little extra effort by brushing with ordinary toothpastes. If they are more tough, a professional toothpaste with special stain-dissolving capability is needed. Some whitening toothpastes such as ‘Supersmile’ are advertised for removing the teeth stains.

Embedded Stains:

These stains are soaked into the teeth. The worst of 2 stains are tobacco stains and coffee stains. They range from yellow to a serious shade of brown. For most of the cases, toothpastes and professional cleaning do not help to remove the stain. They require a professional tooth whitening treatment. A peroxide gel is allowed to soak into the teeth and the oxygen released in chemical process is used to bleach the stain.

Structural Stains:

Structural stains are present from the beginning of teeth formation. They have a degree of intrinsic color. They generally result when the child takes antibiotic tetracycline while teeth are forming. These stains are made a part of teeth and are very difficult to bleach them out.

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