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Teeth Stains -How to Prevent Teeth Stains

Have you experience the embarrassing discolored teeth that makes your smile all the more unappealing and disgusting. Yes?! Everyone at some point of time observes discolored teeth. But wouldn’t you like to avoid or prevent these teeth stains? Read on to know simple ways to prevent stains on your teeth.

What are teeth stains?

Teeth stains are discoloration of teeth due to improper tooth care. Depending on the cause there can be long term stains and short term stains. Superficial stains, embedded stains and structural stains are 3 types of teeth stains.

Causes of Teeth Stains:

Before an attempt to prevent it is good know about the causes of teeth staining. Tobacco, smoking, medications, dark drinks and aging are some of the prominent causes of stained teeth. You can refer to article titled Top Seven Causes of Stained Teeth on the site for more details.

How to prevent teeth stains

Brush and Floss:

Make a habit of brushing twice a day. Flossing and rinsing mouth with mouthwash daily is a good habit to prevent tooth staining. Be aware of your oral hygiene.

Intake of Drinks:

Minimize your intake of drinks and foods that stain your teeth. Avoid tea, coffee, red wine and dark sodas. If you have to drink colored drinks anyway, then better use a plastic straw. This will reduce your teeth exposure to the staining beverages. Flush immediately if you feel your teeth is exposed to them.

Cleansing Agents:

Use a hydrogen peroxide or fluoride rinse to clean the stain or grime after eating. Brushing with baking soda also helps.

Avoiding Smoking:

Be conservative in smoking. It is better to quit smoking if you want white, clean teeth.

Dental Check-ups:

Go to dentist for regular check-ups every 6 to 12 months. It really helps both ways. The dentist can take for simple cosmetic cleaning procedures if you go on time. Otherwise, he needs to take up drastic steps for the case which could be easily avoided if check-up was on time.

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