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Dental Bonding for Broken Front Tooth

Dental BondingSome people have leveled teeth and attractive smile. But a little broken part of the front teeth makes whole thing appear awkward. It may be a little or sometimes a third or half of teeth. Smile looks inelegant. Is it not?
Cosmetic dentistry is fast developing field that gives fixes such problems. A cosmetic dentist is an expert who repairs a teeth in aesthetic way.

Dental Bonding or Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding is an excellent technique to solve small defects in teeth-chips, broken teeth, spots and gaps between the teeth.

In this technique, the cosmetic dentist roughens the surface of the broken teeth. He itches the tooth and applies bonding material. Bonding material is composite restorative material that comprising of quartz bound with a tough synthetic resin. The bonding needs to be blend perfectly with the tooth so that it remains imperceptible where the tooth begins or where the bond ends. The specialist further makes the teeth uniform in color using different shades. He also duplicates the translucency and the surface texture and gloss.

The whole technique takes so much talent and expertise. The broken front teeth repair requires an extensive knowledge of tooth color and translucency. It also requires some sculpting skill. In addition, the cosmetic dentist usually needs to know extensively about selection of bonding materials in stock of various consistencies, shades, translucencies, and polishability. All this proves that broken teeth needs a specialist treatment and a family doctor will not be able to do this.

After getting it done you feel very confident while smiling. Check out more pages on this site to get a wonderful smile and flawless teeth in cosmetic dentistry.

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