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Composite Tooth Bonding -Caring for Tooth Bonding

Composite tooth bonding

Composite tooth bonding is a technique in cosmetic dentistry to fill cavities in aesthetic way. Dental composite in teeth bonding is made of quartz that is bound with a tough synthetic resin. The blend comes in different shades, translucencies and toughness. It works great in purposes like closing tooth gaps, eliminating spots, chips, and discolorations. It can also offer an instant repair for broken front teeth.

How to take care of the tooth bonding

After having composite tooth bonding, it is essential that you take proper care of it. Here are some of the essential points to keep in mind:

  • Brushing and flossing of the teeth is the fundamental in caring for composite teeth. One also needs to avoid certain foods such as sweets or starchy foods. Bonding holds strong and better when it is clean.
  • Ask your dentist for special polishing pastes to restore the shine of teeth. Ordinary tooth cleaning techniques can easily damage the bonding by making it tougher or rougher.
  • Harsh toothpastes can dull the shine on bonding and make it more susceptible to stain. A toothpaste with brand name Supersmile is advertised as best for its gentle but unmatched stain-removing power. In case you have a large sections of bonded teeth, you need extra care which is possible by using whitening toothpastes.
  • Never ever bite fingernails, pins, or any other hard objects with bonded teeth. Be conservative while biting carrots, popcorn or other hard foods. See that while biting them you use side areas of the bonded teeth.
  • Do not let your bonded teeth be cleaned with ultrasonic devices, pumice-containing prophylaxis pastes, or air-polishing instruments. They damage the surface of the bonding. They also make the teeth more susceptible to stain.
  • Alcoholic beverages can deteriorate bonding prematurely. Smoking and frequent drinking of tea or coffee can stain both teeth and the bonding. It proven that heavy alcohol consumption practically destroy beautiful tooth bonding in a year.
  • In any case, if you develop snag floss or damage to bonding report to your dentist immediately. A few dental cases could be handled well if the patient reports it on time.

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