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White Composite Fillings -Advantages of White Composite Fillings

White Composite FillingsTooth fillers are used to fill the cavities in decayed teeth. You may remember… a few years ago the most common way of filling the teeth was silver amalgam fillings or gold fillings. The latest technology now is white composite fillings.
Here, the filling material is exactly the color of the teeth (as shown in the figure). Let us know about white composite filling and its advantages in this article.

White Composite Filling

What it consists of:

Main ingredients of white composite fillings are glass particles, synthetic resin and a setting ingredient. They can vary from region to region and dentist may use more materials according to the case.

Why called white fillings:

They are called white fillings because they are matched to the color of the teeth and are made virtually impossible to differentiate. Besides aesthetics, the demand for white fillings is increased due to awareness of possible dangers associated with amalgam fillings.

Advantages of white fillings over silver amalgam fillings

  • The main disadvantage of silver is that it weakens the teeth. It makes teeth more susceptible to breaking. And since broken teeth are very expensive to restore, white composite fillings can save a lot of expense over the long run.
  • White fillings restore the natural appearance of the tooth and hence are

    aesthetically appealing.

  • Teeth filled with white composites are less sensitive to hot and cold than compared to silver amalgam filled teeth, provided the correct technique is used.
  • Composites are


    Many people view mercury as a toxic.

  • Another great advantage is that composites require less removal of tooth structure during the procedure. Especially with new cavities, the removal is almost negligible. It makes the work of dentist simpler and easier.
  • As the procedure of filling becomes simpler, the patient is happy with the procedure.

Cost Concern:

The cost of white composites varies from place to place. It also depends on the size and type of filling. Due to increasing demand of white filling, it is becoming cheaper and more affordable. It is better to consult an authorized cosmetic dentist to get an idea of the cost before going for filling agreement.

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