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Silver Amalgam Fillings -Knowing about Silver Amalgam Fillings

Tooth fillers are used to fill the cavities in decayed teeth. Silver amalgams or dental amalgams are conventionally used for the filling of dental cavities. They help in correcting the tooth structure and restoring the biting surface of the affected tooth. They are made up of liquid mercury and an alloy mixture of silver, copper and tin. In this article, let us know about advantages and disadvantages of silver amalgam fillings.

Advantages of Silver Amalgam fillings

  • Silver amalgam is primitive type of filling. It can be simply done without any extra training of dentists. Latest technologies like composites require the use of special technologies that are not very common everywhere.
  • Dentist doing composite filling require additional degree to carry out the procedure. Silver amalgam filling can be done by any dentist.
  • Composite fillings require that the site of the filling be kept totally isolated from saliva during the procedure. This makes the patient feel uncomfortable. This is not in the case of silver amalgam filling.
  • Although it weakens the tooth, the filling material of silver amalgam is a stronger material.
  • Silver fillings have a longer history. So people feel safe of them by feeling them to be more tried and tested.
  • They are cost effective or cheap and easily available everywhere.

Disadvantages of Silver Amalgam fillings

  • First of all they are not aesthetically appealing. They are clearly seen on the teeth.
  • Silver amalgam contain about 50% mercury, a chemical that is seen as toxic by majority of scientific communities.
  • There is a debate about toxicity of mercury in the filling material. Researchers say when the mercury in silver amalgam fillings leaves the filling and enters in body organs, it may have several unwanted side effects. They include neuro-degenerative diseases, birth defects and mental disorders.

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