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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath?

Flossing is a very important habit to develop. It has been shown that people who make a habit of flossing have cleaner, more pleasant smelling mouths. The floss removes the buildup of bacteria from between the teeth. Bacteria lodged in the mouth is a very common source of mouth odor.

Is there a way to check yourself to see if you have bad breath? Unfortunately most of the techniques, like the most popular blowing into your own cupped hands, are not effective. The human body becomes so accustomed to its own smell that it doesn’t perceive it as being objectionable. Some dentists have a piece of equipment called a halimeter. It measures the amount of sulfur compounds that exist in your breath which translates into bad breath to one degree or another.

Without making a trip to the dentist here are a few simple tricks to try to test your own breath.

1. Run a piece of unflavored white dental floss between your upper and lower back molars. Is the floss red or brown? Smell the floss in about 45 seconds. Does it have an objectionable odor?

2. Next – hold the tip of your tongue with a clean washcloth, while rubbing the back portion of your tongue with another white washcloth. Wait 45 seconds and then smell the portion of the cloth that you used on the back of your tongue (dorsum). Does it smell?

3. Lick your tongue on your clean wrist and wait 45 seconds again. Sniff. This is just a quick test, and really doesn’t get back to the dorsum where the real trouble may be lurking.

In short, there are many products out there to help control chronic bad breath. If you find you cannot solve the problem with the first line of action you will want to visit your physician and talk to him about it. Chronic bad breath could be a symptom
of lung infections, bronchial infections, metabolic disorders, carcinomas or biochemical disorders, however, the mouth and the nose are usually where the problem originates.

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