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What is the Treatment for Erythroplakia?

Dental Caries ClassificationsErythroplakia is one of the precancerous conditions which must be diagnosed and treated at early stage. This can be done through routine oral check ups. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the oral precancer erythroplakia, its causes, treatment and diagnosis. Read on to know more.


Erythroplakia is also known as erythroplasia of Queyrat. It is a persistent velvety red color patch. Reddish color results due to the absence of keratin surface layer and due to the presence of papillae connective tissue containing enlarged capillaries that are projected closer to the surface.

Treatment for Erythroplakia

  • To identify the extent of dysplasia, biopsy is performed.
  • Depending on the histological findings, complete excision of the lesions can be advised.
  • Recurrence is common for erythroplakia, so long term monitoring is very important.

Causes of Erythroplakia

  • The exact causes for the formation of erythroplakia is unknown, but researches presume that, it should be resulting from the same causes as squamous cell carcinoma (a cell disorder).
  • Erythroplakia is frequently associated with dysplasia (abnormal cell disorder), so it also a precancerous lesion.

Other potential risks include

  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Smoking or exposure to chewing tobacco carcinogens.
  • Long term irritation from dentures or rubbing teeth.
  • Poor general health due to deficiency in vitamins A, C, B-12 and folic acid.
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV).

Diagnosis for Erythroplakia

  • Many other conditions may appear as the causes for this condition, so these conditions should be ruled out before making any diagnosis on erthroplakia.
  • In some cases, diagnosis can be delayed for two weeks to see if there is any other cause for the problem or if the lesion can regress on its own.

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