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Pontic – What is Pontic?


Pontic is one of the main components of a dental bridge. It is attached to 2 surrounding dental crowns to create a seamless impression of a complete set of healthy teeth. In other words, pontic refers to replaced artificial teeth that are mounted on a dental appliance. In lay words it can be simply said as False teeth.

Following figure shows how pontic is used in dental applications.

In this article, we shall know the types and ways of attaching pontic.

Types of Pontic:

There are 4 main types of pontic.

  • Fixed Bridge:

    A fixed bridge pontic is held between healthy teeth on the both sides. They can be removed only by a dental specialist.

  • Partial Denture:

    A partial denture pontic is held by the clasps that attach to the nearby teeth. They can be easily removed by anyone. In fact, people wearing them remove it for daily cleaning.

  • Complete Dentures:

    Pontic or complete denture here is a complete set of false teeth.

  • Denture Implants:

    Dental implants (pontics) are small metal posts implanted into the jawbone of the patient. They are done to support either a fixed bridge or complete dentures.

Ways of Attaching Pontics:

The way pontics are attached to one’s mouth depends on the type of dental bridge received. There are 3 main ways in this.

  • Fixed Bridge:

    This is the most common way. Here the fixed bridge dental bridge is attached to 2 dental crowns. The bridge is put in place by the crowns fitting over the existing teeth.

  • Maryland Bridge:

    This design is used to replace the front teeth. The pontic is attached to metal bands. These bands are covered with a white-colored resin. Then they are bonded to 2 dental crowns.

  • Cantilever Bridge:

    This is used in cases where the teeth are present on only one side of the span. This type of dental bridges comprise of 3 units that include 2 dental crowns placed next to each other.

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