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Encore Bridge – What is Encore Bridge?

Encore BridgeEncore bridge is one of extremely aesthetic type of tooth replacement. It is metal-free, dual component that is often used as a substitute to conventional Maryland bridge technique. This bridge is designed to eliminate mechanical and aesthetic problems connected to the metal base Maryland bridge restoration.

Following figure shows the Encore bridge.

How Encore bridge is made

Encore bridge has a framework of tough, fiber-reinforced, tooth-colored resin to fill the gaps in teeth. This framework is bonded with the teeth. A porcelain veneer is designed to bond onto the front portion of the framework. This simulates a natural tooth.

When it is indicated

The Encore bridge is indicated when there is an edentulous space in the anterior part of the jaw and two relatively healthy teeth are there on the either side of the space.

How it is attached

The cosmetic dentist cuts a space equal to that which is sufficient for a filling in each of the two adjacent teeth. Then the bridge is bonded into those filling spaces. Again a porcelain veneer is bonded onto the framework which simulates natural teeth. After the attachment it remains difficult to differentiate the artificial teeth from the real ones.

Advantages of Encore bridge

  • The main advantage is the restoration can be used even if the teeth on either side of the missing tooth do not have crowns.
  • It is very aesthetic. The dentist does not need to grind down the adjacent teeth.

Disadvantages of Encore bridge

  • The main disadvantage of bridge is it is not that solid as a conventional porcelain-to-metal dental bridge.
  • There is increased risk of breaking and becoming loose in the case of Encore bridge.
  • It also requires a high degree of skill to place properly. An expert cosmetic dentist is required to get it placed right. You cannot ask a general family dentist to place this.

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