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What is a Dental Crown Procedure?

Dental Crown Procedure is an effective treatment option required for teeth that are badly damaged. The procedure utilizes tooth-shaped coverings made of metal, ceramic, or porcelain to restore strength and eliminate discomfort. In addition, dental crowns may be used to anchor a dental bridge or to cap a dental implant post.

Dental Crown Procedure

  • Typically, the dental crown procedure is completed in two stages
  • During the first stage, the dentist removes portions of your natural tooth’s structure to accommodate the dental crown
  • Surrounding teeth may also be prepared in this way
  • An impression is made and sent to the lab, where your dental crown is created in about two weeks
  • A temporary crown will be in place between visits to ensure the most natural look and feel
  • When you return to the dentist’s office, the temporary crown is removed and your new, custom dental crown is securely bonded in place
  • For some patients, the dental crown procedure is altered to meet specific goals
  • Teeth with extensive damage may require that a root canal be performed prior to placing the crown
  • New advanced technology has made it possible to complete some dental crown procedures in a single office visit

Replacing Old Dental Crowns

Individuals may be interested in replacing old dental crowns for a number of reasons. Concerns about the appearance of metal crowns on prominent teeth may compel some patients to have their dental work restored with all ceramic or porcelain crowns. Other times, dental crown may have problems like wear, decay, and poor alignment which may result in other side effects. Typically, patients should expect to replace their dental crowns after approximately 10 to 15 years.

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