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What is Dental Restoration?

Are your teeth well aligned? Dental restoration is a process done to restructure your teeth. This can also be used for replacing a missing tooth structure. Dental caries and external trauma are the two main reasons for the structural loss of the teeth. Dental restoration procedure comes under cosmetic dentistry.

What is Dental Restoration?

It is a procedure for restoring a missing teeth structure or integrity of the tooth. This procedure uses dental restorative materials like amalgam, composite resin, ionomers, gold and many others for the restoration. Restorations are further classified based on their size and location. Initial procedure of dental restoration involves removal of dental decay, shaping or cutting of the tooth for the space required to do a restoration.

Types of Dental Restoration

There are two techniques available for dental restorations

Direct Dental Restoration

These are usually done in one visit as everything required for the procedure can be made in the dental clinic itself. In this technique a malleable or soft filling is placed in the prepared tooth,and the tooth is built-up before the material gets hard. The main advantage about direct restorations is, they are easy to do, set quickly and can be done by one operator. However, if you have larger fillings to do, then indirect restoration is preferred.

Indirect Restorations

This is a lengthy procedure, requires a minimum of 3 visits to the dentist. For making these restorations, your teeth impressions will be taken in the first visit and depending on the requirement the preparations are made in a different lab. The restorations are fabricated by a dental technician specifically based on the records provided by the dentist. Indirect restorations include onlays, inlays, bridges, veneers and many others.

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