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What do you Know About Cracked Tooth?

Cracked tooth are the tooth which have hair-line fractures that are very difficult to identify even on an x-ray.

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Over biting and night teeth grinding are two important causes for cracked tooth. This article focuses on giving more information about cracked tooth.

What is a Cracked Tooth?

  • Cracked tooth are fractures that are very small, unlike obvious fractures these are difficult to be noted on a X-ray.
  • Sometimes these fractures are below the gum line, which makes it even more hard to identify.
  • Most commonly the cracked tooth will be molars, especially lower molars, as they absorb most of the chewing force.

Causes for Cracked Tooth

  • Individuals with teeth grinding problems are more prone for having cracked tooth
  • Some times normal biting can cause certain molar cusps (highest point of your tooth) to put extreme pressure on the opposing tooth, that they can crack.
  • Tooth having large fillings or tooth that has undergone root canal procedure will be weaker compared to other teeth, making them more prone to cracking
  • If a person has a cracked tooth, then he or she is more likely to get more cracked tooth in the near future.

Symptoms of Cracked Tooth

  • Pain in your tooth while you chew or bite, but you may not feel the pain every time to eat.
  • It can be painful only if you eat some types of food and chew in certain ways
  • More sensitive to cold food and beverages
  • Advanced conditions can cause breaking of tooth, development of infection
  • Formation of fistula (pimple-like bumps), on the gum near cracked tooth
  • In worse conditions, the tooth may become loose.
  • In many cases the symptoms last for months, yet they are hard to diagnose because these pains are not predictable.

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