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What is Direct Dental Restorations?

Direct Dental RestorationDirect Dental Restorations

Direct Dental Restorations are usually done in one visit, everything required can be made in the dental clinic. In this technique a malleable or soft filling is placed in the prepared tooth,and the tooth is build-up before the material gets hard. The best thing about direct restorations is they are easy to do, set quickly and can be done by one operator. However, if you have larger fillings to do, then indirect restoration is preferred.

Why Dental Restoration?

It is a procedure for restoring an missing tooth structure and the integrity of the tooth. This procedure uses dental restorative materials like amalgam, composite resin, ionomers, gold and many others for the restoration. All the restorations are further classified based on their size and location.

Tooth Preparation Before Dental Restoration

This is the initial procedure before any dental restoration, it involves removal of dental decay, shaping or cutting the tooth for the space required to do a restoration. There are different dental restorative materials like gold, porcelain and amalgam and many others used, based on the patients interest.

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